SUGAPA 1(4) [2007]

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Suara Serangga Papua, 2007, 1 (4) April – June 2007

1.Beatrix Wanma
Practical training at Ambaidiru Village, Serui

A student of the Biological Department of the UNCEN has to do a practical training and I made the choice to join the Entomological Workgroup (KEP) on their survey to Ambaidiru, Serui (Japen), an island I did not visit before.
During the preparation we met Vincent Kalkman and Hans Huibreghts who were invited to present introductions on dragonflies/damselflies and beetles, and did some training in the field.
At July 5th we arrived at Ambaidiru, which environment varies from 650 to 1.400 m above sea level. The inventory on insects contents butterflies, dragon- and damselflies, and beetles. I was involved at the inventory of butterflies. During 15 days (4-19 July) we collected and observed 129 species of the Superfamily Papilionoidea, including 12 Papilionidae, 7 Pieridae, 47 Lycaenidae and 63 Nymphalidae. 
Back in Jayapura I had to finish my training and was active in the collection room helping with identifying and setting.
The experience I got will be useful for my survey at Merauke later this year.

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