4.Evie L. Warikar & Daawia
Butterflies in the surrounding of Campus UNCEN Waena

Background                                                                                                                                               The Cyclops Reserve close to Jayapura (22.500 ha), with a high endemism of butterflies and other animals (Petocz, 1987), is under continous pressure by the increasing population, for housing and gardening, which results in declining numbers of butterflies over the last twenty years (Van Mastrigt & Rosariyanto, 2005). Data on diversity of butterfly species at the forest around the Campus of Uncen Waena is not complete yet, but based on Ulim (2000) 21 species of Papilionoidea were registered: 5 species Papilionidae, 1 species Pieridae and 15 species Nymphalidae. Banuaty (2005) reported 11 species of Papilionidae, a reason for further surveys. Results. Within 15 days (between 13 May and 24 Juni 2006) 100 species were found: 12 species Papilionidae, 5 Pieridae, 24 Lycaenidae and 59 Nymphalidae. According to habitat, most species are found along river sides (83), in the secondary forest 51 species and in the grass land 46 species. The presence of a high number of food plants for caterpillars and butterflies, water and the penetration of sun light have a positive impact on the diversity of butterflies in the area.

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