About the Journal

Suara Serangga Papua (SUGAPA), Voice of Papua Insects, is a non-profit journal published in two parts annually by Kelompok Entomologi Papua (KEP) and is devoted to the entomology of Papua, the western part of New Guinea, including its surrounding islands. Articles are accepted from amateur and professional entomologists and must be in English (to which an Indonesian translation of the English abstract will be added) or (maximum of 25 % of the journal) in Indonesian, with comprehensive English abstract. Although the editors will consult renowned specialists of relevant insect groups, the authors are fully responsible for the content of their publications.

With a group of inspired and ambitious students and teachers from UNCEN Henk van Mastrigt founded in June 2006 “Kelompok Entomologi Papua” (Entomological Society of Papua) and from July 2006 Henk van Mastrigt published interesting entomological facts and fieldwork results from the students and himself in a newsletter: “Suara Serangga Papua” (SUGAPA), which means “the sound of the insects of Papua”. Two years later SUGAPA became an official entomological magazine, with a new colourful lay out, including publications in English by scientists from all over the world. Many species new to science have been described in SUGAPA, as well as faunistic notes and other interesting entomological facts have been published in SUGAPA.

SUGAPA is sponsored by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

SUGAPA is sponsored by the Van Tienhoven Foundation in The Netherlands