3.Henk van Mastrigt
Survey in Fak-Fak

From 2 till 10 May 2005 five amateur entomologists were collecting and observing Papilionoidea in the surrounding of Fak-Fak, Onin Peninsula, at three localities: Air Besar (10 m), Werba (60 m) and Kokas km 19 (800 m). The following results can be reported:
· 150 species Papilionoidea were found, which is high in comparison with other surveys (110-140 species), which represent: 15 Papilionidae, 15 Pieridae, 52 Lycaenidae and 68 Nymphalidae.
· The weather during the survey was poor: lots of rain and less sun. A second survey will be held in October 2007, hopefully in better circumstances.
· Nevertheless quite a lot of species were found, endemic in the Onin Peninsula or West Papua. 
· Three species were found new to the collection in Jayapura (K.S.P.).
· At Werba 103 species were found, at Air Besar 92 and at KM 19 to Kokas 85 species. Kokas was poor in Nymphalids (16 species less), although it had much more Satyrinae than the other two places. The richness at Werba and Air Besar was due to the larger numbers of Papilionidae, Pieridae and Lycaenidae.
· 69 Species were found at all three localities; at Air Besar and Werba 7 species; at Air Besar and Kokas also 7 species and at Werba and Kokas 10 species.
· From the 57 species exclusively found at one locality 31 species were found at Kokas KM 19, 17 species at Werba and 9 species at Air Besar.

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