2.Edy Michelis Rosariyanto
Old memories in the Wondiwoi Mountains Reserve

This is about the trip I made for surveying butterflies at Wondiwoi Mountains Reserve in 1996, when I was finishing my studies at the Forestry Faculty, at Manokwari.
My first plan was to visit Duhubea village, Arfak Mts, as I observed there many beautiful butterflies I did not see before, but after consultation with Br. Henk we moved to the Wondowoi Rerserve, as nearly no data are available from that area.
In the writing of my essay I was guided by Mr. Alexander Yoku and Mr. Wasaraka, and in the field and during identification I was assisted by Br. Henk van Mastrigt.
During our one week trip we moved very slowly as the route has to be made with using a parang and after four days we reached 1,750 m, an altitude which can be reached at the Cyclops Mts. in one day only. During that week we had a lot of rain and did hardly see any butterfly. It was also clear that we took another trail than the expedition many years ago. 
I feel the challenge to return at that spot to get known whether the species collected before are still there.
The result of this survey can be found in my essay: “Keragaman Jenis Kupu-kupu Pada Beberapa Ketinggian Tempat di Cagar Alam Pegunungan Wondiboi” (unpublished).

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