3.Henk van Mastrigt
Survey on the Kumamba Islands

Six students of UNCEN visited the Kumamba Islands, north of Sarmi, from July 16th till August 12, 2002. The survey focussed on the population of Papilionoidea, mainly on the largest island Liki. The other two islands, Lambutu and Armo, were visited as well. 
A total of 60 species Lepidoptera were recorded: 52 on Liki, 4 on Lambutu and 22 on Armo. It comprises 4 Papilionidae, 5 Pieridae, 27 Lycaenidae and 24 Nymphalidae.
Remarkable was the absence of Graphium species and the high abundancy of Leptotes plinius at only a small area along the coast. Cyrestes acilia appeared to be very different from specimens on the mainland of New Guinea, and finally, Cepora perimale was only found on the smallest island, Lambutu, not on the other islands! Unfortunately the results are not yet reported.

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