2.Henk van Mastrigt
Survey on the Pantai Timur Islands

Six students of the UNCEN visited the small islands in the district Pantai Timur (139º07’/139º30’ longitude, -1º58’/-2º07’ latitude) in the period July 15 – August 12, 2002. Three students visited Wakde, Masi-masi and Yamna, the others Podena, Yarson and Anus. The islands vary in size from 0.3 km2 (Podena) to 3 km2 (Wakde). 
A total of 59 species Lepidoptera were collected, of which 53 species on the three westernmost islands (Yamna being the richest with 40 species) and 37 species on the three eastern islands (Anus being the richest with 29 species).
The results of the survey of the western islands are reported by Alfrets Randang (2003), that of the eastern islands are reported by Henoch Wanggori (2004), who also made a comparisson between these results and those of the Mamberamo area, where once 129 species were collected: 26 species (44%) from the Pantai Timur Islands were not reported from the Mamberamo survey in the surrounding of Dabra.

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