4.Rinto H. Mambrasar
Survey on the island Numfor

In the months July and August in 2005 a survey was held on Numfor Island, with the purpose of collecting data of Papilionoidea and to make a comparisson between the distributions inside and outside the proposed nature reserve area (ca 1000 ha). The island Numfor is 391 km2 and has a maximum altidude of 200 meters. Its geographic position is between 134º47’ and 135º00’ longitude, and -0º57’ and -1º08’ latitude. There are about 9000 inhabitans.
The island was divided in six transects for observations, three of them outside the nature reserve (secundairy forest with gardens, a coastline and villages) and three inside the nature reserve (primary forest, secundairy forest with old gardens and secundairy forest with young gardens).
In 26 days 90 species of Lepidoptera were recorded: 9 Papilionidae, 12 Pieridae, 41 Lycaenidae and 28 Nymphalidae. Only one species was found exclusively outside the reserve. 
Threat of the biodiversity is caused by illegal deforestation by the local people, who also catch many birds. The establishment of many cocoa plantations and plans of a governmental restructurization, with the increase of cultivation, form serious threats to the flora and fauna of the island.

A complete report of the results of this survey is published in the essay of Rinto H. Mambrasar, to accomplishment of his study at the biological department of the FMIPA at the University of Cenderawasih in Jayapura.

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