3. Henk van Mastrigt
A review of Delias rileyi (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in Papua, Indonesia

Abstract: The taxonomie history of Delias rileyi Joicey & Talbot (1922) is presented with some comments. A comparison of diagnostie features of the various subspecies results in a new synonym.
Rangkuman: Sejarah taksonomi Delias rileyi Joicey & Talbot (1922) disajikan dengan komentar. Perbandingan ciri-ciri diagnosis dibuat antara subspesies-subspesies yang menghasilkan satu sinonim baru.
Key-words: West New Guinea, syn. nov. , ssp. extremus, ssp. erici.
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Henk van Mastrigt – Delias rileyi SUGAPA 8(1) [2013]

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