5. Henk van Mastrigt.
Insects on stamps

One of the new Delias species collected at the Foja Mountains was named Delias kristianiae after MRS. KRISTIANI HERAWATI, Indonesia‚Äôs first lady, to honour and to support the Indonesian President, MR. SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO, in his efforts to save the Indonesian forest and to protect it against illegal logging, especially in Papua.
Every year at 5 November (National Day on Flora and Fauna) PT Pos Indonesia has been paying special attention to the environment with a series of stamps. Last year the results of the Foja expedition got special attention in this series, with two birds (Milopotes carolae and Amblyornis flavifrons) and two plants (Licuala arbuscula and Livistona mamberamoensis); this year four butterflies were chosen (Delias kristianiae, Ornithoptera aesacus, O. croesus and Troides hypolytus).
Since 2001 no insects were pictured on stamps anymore. In that year five beetles were depicted (Batocera rosenbergi, Chalcosoma caucasus, Chrysochroa buqueti, Agestrata dehaani and Mormolyca phyliodes).
Stamps do not only have a monetary function but also an educational one: by this series people can learn more about Indonesian entomological biodiversity.

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