4. Daawia & Evie L. Warikar
Comparing study between diversity of butterflies (Superfamily Papilionoidea) at Supiori Island, Biak Island and Padaido Archipelago

This study will show the relationship between the number of species found at the various islands and the vastness of the islands Biak (the largerst one) and Supiori and the very small islands Meos, Kubori and Rasi in the Padaido Archipelago. During the survey in 22 effective days between 19 July and 17 August 2007 the samples were made according to the Transek Count at Line Transect method (Sutherland, 1996). Indicators used were “species richness” and “indeks Shannon Wienner” (H’).
At Biak 112 Papilionoidea species were recorded, at Supiori 66 species and at the Padaido islands only 27 species, which leads to a species richness index H’= 1.631 at Biak, H’= 1.576 at Supiori and H’=1.086 for the Padaido islands. At this survey six endemics were recorded: Pareronia chinki, Delias talboti (Pieridae), Ideopsis hewitsonii, Euploea albicosta, Taenaris scylla, Cirrochroa imperatrix (Nymphalidae), which are endemics at Biak and Delias dohertyi (Pieridae) which is endemic in the Biak-Japen area. 

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