4.Rinto Herry Mambrasar
Desa Sansundi, North Biak

Edy M. Rosariyanto, Yohanes Don Bosco Maro and Rinto H. Mambrasar visited Desa Sansundi, North Biak, in order to survey butterflies in the North Biak Reserve.
The local people are fishermen, doing also some gardening for vegetables and fruits. Besides that they collect shelves which result in IDR 45.000 to IDR 50.000 a kg. The people are aware of their task to protect and control the forest to keep it in a good condition.
In the past three large families stayed together in one village. However, to be closer to their own gardens after the tsunami in 1996, they built three villages.
The survey was done in June 2006 and the result is not published and became part of KSP.

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