2.Francesco Vitali
Taxonomie and synonymie notes about some Indonesian species of the genus Acalolepta Paseoe, 1858 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae, Lamiini)

Summary: Four Indonesian Acalolepta-species (convexa Pascoe,1866;solata Pascoe,1866;
botanica Aurivillius, 1926 and solata nodias Kriesche, 1936) are investigated. Acalolepta
(Aurivillius, 1926) is considered as a senior synonym of A. solata nodias (Kriesche, 1936) syn. nov. Acalolepta solata (Pascoe,1866) combo nov. is removed from the synonymy with Acalolepta convexa (Pascoe,1866).
Ikhtisar: Empatspesis Acalolepta yang adadi Indonesia(convexa Pascoe,1866; solata Pascoe, 1866; botanica Aurivillius, 1926 dan solata nodias Kriesche, 1936) diselidiki. A. botanica (Aurivillius, 1926) dinilai sebagai sinonim senior dari A. solata nodia (Kriesche, 1936) syn. nov. A. solata (Pascoe, 1866) tidak lagi dinilai sebagai sinonim dengan A.
(Pascoe, 1866).
Key-words: Lamiinae,Moluccas,New Guinea,combonov., syn. nov.

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