Students’ Corner 2. Tirza Natalia Agaki
Keragaman Spesies Capung (Odonata) di Daerah Inlet dan Outlet Danau Sentani

Abstract: The aim of th is study was to know the diversity of dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) at the inlet and outlet area of the Sentani Lake. Data were recorded during
32 days (from 19 September till 20 October 2009) in the environment of the Sentani Lake, Jayapura. The analysis of data was done from the end of October till December 2009. The used methods were observation, Count Transect method at Transect Line and documentation.
The result of the survey -at all localities both at inlet as at outlet- consists of 449 specimens, representing 44 species in ten families. At the two inlet areas 298 specimens were recorded representing 35 speciesin 10families: 16speciesof the Family Libelullidae, 11 species of the Coenagrionidae, and 1 species each of the Gomphidae, Aeshnidae, Cordulidae, Calopterygidae, Chlorochypidae, Protoneuridae, Platycnimididae and Platystictidae. At the single outlet area of the Sentani Lake 151 specimens were recorded representing 30 species in seven families: 13 species of the Family Libellulidae, 9 species of the Coenagrionidae, 3 species of the Protoneuridae, and 1 species each of the Gomphidae, Aeshnidae, Chlorocyphidae, and Platystictidae.
The result shows that the diversity of Odonata at the inlet area is higher in comparison with the diversity at the outlet area; the equity of species in inlet and outlet areas is
about the same (ISs= 64.61%). Anisoptera species were more common at open and sunny river sites; Zygoptera were more often found close to bushes and trees at the river banks.

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Students corner – Tirza Natalia Agaki [SUGAPA 5(1) 2010]

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