Students’ Corner 1. Santhi Kanony
Diversitas dan Distribusi Kupu-kupu Famili Nymphalidae pada Habitat Kali Klamani, Kebun dan Hutan di Desa Malawor Distrik Makbon Kabupaten Sorong Provinsi Papua Barat

Abstract: This survey studies the diversity and distribution of Nymphalid butterflies at three different sites at the Malawor village, District Makbon, Kabupaten of Sorong, Papua Barat Province. One site is along the banks of the river Klamani, the second in a garden area and the third in the forest. The transact count method was used for this survey and all species of Nymphalid butterflies in the above mentioned area were the object of study. For the analysis of the data the Index diversity of Shannon (H’) was used, for the Equivalence Evenness (e)
and for the Index Similarity the Coefficient of Sorensen (CCs). The survey recorded 46 species of Nymphalid butterfly in total, 33 species along the river, 33 species in the forest and 15 species in the garden area.The highest diversity according to the Shannon Wiener Index was found in the forest site (H’=1.22 and e=O.80);the lowest was found in the garden site (H’=O.82 and e=0.70).
The results of the survey are presented as a table – and Henk van Mastrigt has added some notes on Junonia altiles, one of the most common species in the garden area, and a very dark form of Hypalimnas alimena.

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Students corner – Santhi Kanony [SUGAPA 5(1) 2010]

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