SUGAPA 2(4) [2008]

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Suara Serangga Papua, 2008, 2 (4) April – June 2008

1.Beatrix Wanma.
Comparison of diversity of butterflies (Superfamily Papilionoidea) National Reserve Wasur, Merauke

For this survey, held in the period 8th July till 9th August 2007, three localities were chosen inside the National Reserve (Sota, Rawa Biru and Ndalir) and three localities outside the reserve (Solar, Erom, Buti Payum), representing secondary forest, grassland and coastal area. 
101 species of butterflies were collected: 9 Papilionidae, 8 Pieridae, 4 Lycaenidae and 40 Nymphalidae. 84 species were found outside the reserve; 75 species inside the reserve. Erom (H’=0.839) and Rawa Biru (H’=0.837) had the highest diversity; Sota (H’=0.661) and Buti Payun (H’=0.491). As special records may be mentioned Delias argenthona balli (endemic in Merauke area), D. mysis nemea, Hypochrysops apollo (only known from a single specimen from Papua and a few from PNG), Freyera trochylus, Mycalesis sirius (five new specimens for KSP), Neopithecops lucifer, and Elymnias agondaswith beautiful varieties in the females.

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