6.Henk van Mastrigt
8th New Guinea Biology Conference

At the 8th New Guinea Biology Conference (Port Moresby (PNG), 26-28 September, 2006) 38 presentations were held, three by key-note speakers and 35 results of surveys. Five presentations were concerning entomological items, of which four were results of the New Guinea Research Center in Madang. The kind of surveys will be good examples for students and teachers in Papua. 
Markus Manumbor – Studying insects communities in PNG rainforests: a parataxonomist approach.
Darren Bito – Geographic variability of moth communities on the alien tree Spathodea campanulata in New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago.
Steven Sau – Host specialization of leaf miners in lowland rainforest.
Elvis Tamtiai – Geographic distribution of Lepidoptera in PNG rainforest.
Leontine Baje – Host specialization of sap sucking insects in a lowland rainforest.

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