2. Gerrit Withaar.
Roodenburgia, a new genus in the tribe Tmesisternini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae, Lamiinae) with two new species

Abstract: Roodenburgia is described as a new genus in the tribe Tmesisternini Latreille, 1829 from Papua New Guinea, together with two new species: Roodenburgia witjesi spec. nov. and R. schepmani spec. nov. A revised key to the genera in the Tmesisternini is presented.
Rangkuman: Roodenburgia dipertelakan sebagai genus baru termasuk dalam suku Tmesisternini Latreille 1829 dari Papua New Guinea, bersama dengan dua spesies:
Roodenburgia witjesi spec. nov. dan R. schepmani spec. nov. Kunci untuk genus-genus dari Tmesisternini yang direvisi disajikan.
Keywords: Papua New Guinea, key to the genera in Tmesisternini, Roodenburgia witjesi,Roodenburgia schepmani.

Download in PDF:
Gerrit Withaar (SUGAPA 9(2) 47-54)

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