5.Daawia & Supeni Sufaati
Survey on food plants of larvae and butterflies of the Papilionidae at the Reserve Cyclops Mountains, Jayapura

This survey was made on three locations at the foot of the Cyclops Mountains, from March to October 2005. The method was according to Cayabyab (1993) and resulted in the following conclusions.
Larvae of Papilionidae use several leaves as food from Annonaceae, Rutaceae, Lauraceae and Araliaceae. Larvae of Atrophaneura polydorus, Ornithoptera priamus and Troides oblongomaculatus eat Aristolochia tagala (Aristolochiaceae). Larvae of Graphium species like leaves of Lauraceae and Annonaceae, while larvae Papilio species prefer leaves of Rutaceaea and Araliaceae. Larvae of the genera Graphium and Papilioaccept other leaves in gardens than in the forest: i.e. Annona muricata instead of Litsea fulva (Graphium) and Citrus spp. instead of Micromelum minutum and Toddalia asiatica (Papilio).
In the forest butterflies of Papilionidae are fouraging at different flowering bushes than in the gardens, but they all belong to the families of Verbenaceae, Malvaceae, Rubiaceae, Zingiberaceae, Asteraceae and Sterculiaceae.

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