5.Rawati Panjaitan
Survey on butterflies of Superfamily Papilionoidea at three different habitats at Haya, Mamberamo area, Papua

A survey was organized by Conservation International and the State University Papua at Manokwari around the Haya village (02º48.951’S and 138º05.903’E) from 9 to 26 February 2008, were various taxonomical groups were surveyed, including reptiles and amphibians, mammals, fresh water fish, birds, insects and plants. Butterflies were collected in seasonally inundated swamps, in plains and at hill sites up to 180 m above sea level. 130 species were collected: 80 in the seasonally inundated areas, 97 in the plains and 80 at the lower hills, including 14 members of the family Papilionidae, 17 Pieridae, 42 Lycaenidae and 57 Nymphalidae. Worthwhile to mention are five different species  of Arhopala (herculina, madytus, azenia, admete and thamyras) and 13 members of the subfamily Satyrinae, including Lamprolenis nitida (in Papua only known from Eilanden River in the south and Marina Valen (also in Mamberamo area).

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