5.Flora Gratiana Adeodata
Keanekaragaman dan Penyebaran Spesies Kupukupu Famili Nymphalidae (Subfamili Charaxinae, Apaturinae, Nymphalinae dan Heliconiinae) di Papua

Abstract: The rapid clearance of rain forest by logging companies and conversion of land for various uses such as agriculture, industry and human settlements has had a significant
impact on the ecological balance, and is now threatening the existence of endemie species
and the diversity of butterflies in parts of Papua. Further research on endemie butterfly
species in the twelve different eco-regions of Papua is urgently needed to provide accurate
data for conservation development planning used by local governmental and nongovernmental organisations working on eco-region conservation.
The main goal ofthis research isto establish the diversity and population distribution of Nymphalid butterflies, especially the subfamilies of Charaxinae, Apaturinae, Nymphalinae, and Heliconiinae in Papua.The research used a descriptive analytic method, with studies of literature. Secondarydata such as research results, specimens in collections (especially Koleksi Serangga Papua – Papuan Insect collection in Jayapura) and other references were studied. The study led to the recognition of 53 species of Nymphalid butterflies occurring in Papua (the western part of New Guinea) consisting of 3 species of the Charaxinae subfamily, 5 species of the Apaturinae subfamily, 32 species of the Nymphalinae subfamily and 13 species of the Heliconiinae subfamily. The results are presented in two tables, one on the Papua Barat Province (Birds head) and the other on the Papua Province.

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