3.Evie L. Warikar
Diversity of butterflies (Superfamily Papilionoidea) at the Waropen Atas Region (Japen Island), Papua

From 27 April to 17 May 2007 a survey was held at the Waropen Atas Region (Japen) in Papua, at six different locations: Gesa, Noau, Baitanisa, Nuriba, Wakamba and Pitohui. 94 different species of Papilionoidea were recorded: 12 Papilionidae, 6 Pieridae, 31 Lycaenidae and 45 Nymphalidae. The results at the various localities were quite different, not only because of different habitats, but also caused by different number of search days. At Baitanisa 68 species were recorded in 6 days, at Noau 63 species in 5 days, at Nuriba 38 species in 1 day, at Gesa 29 species in 3 days, at Pitohui 11 species in 2 days, at Wakamba 5 species in 2 days. Some common species in the Mamberamo area and in the surrounding of Jayapura were not found on this survey. Danaus affinis was only recorded at Wakamba.
The result of 93 species still shows a high diversity in Waropen Atas area. However, disturbed or even destroyed forest and the absence of many species, common in other parts of Waropen, are a signal that conservation is urged to save the diversity in this region.

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