3.Rinto Hery Mambrasar.
Three days surveying at Mios Num

The island of Num is a small island west of Japen, where we spend three days (16-18 June 2007) for collecting. The local people are dependent from sea and forest for daily needs. In talk with local people we point out how important it is the keep sea and forest in good condition so that the use will be sustainable. Only thirty species of Superfamily Papilionoidea were collected, without any rarities: 8 Papilionidae, 1 Pieridae, 10 Lycaenidae and 11 Nymphalidae.
The Arctiidae moth Utetheisa disrupta was present in large numbers inside the village.
The poor results on this island support the theory between the number of species and size of an island.

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