Volume 15(1) March 2023

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Suara Serangga Papua , 15(1) March 2023

1.Anne M. Overduin-De Vries & Willemijn M. van Dijk
Naturalis Biodiversity Center visits MZB and UNCEN in Indonesia

Abstract: From 20th May until 15th June 2022, two butterfly collections in Indonesia were visited in the context of the Malesian butterfly project at Naturalis Biodiversity centre. Specimens of both collections were photographed. The pictures will contribute to the digitalisation of both Indonesian collections and will help identify specimens at Naturalis.
Rangkuman: Dari tanggal 20 Mei hingga 15 Juni 2022, dua koleksi kupu-kupu di Indonesia dikunjungi dalam rangka proyek kupu-kupu Malesian di pusat Keanekaragaman Hayati Naturalis. Spesimen dari kedua koleksi difoto. Gambar-gambar tersebut akan berkontribusi pada digitalisasi kedua koleksi Indonesia dan akan membantu mengidentifikasi spesimen di Naturalis.
Keywords: Malesian butterfly project, Rhopalocera, Lepidoptera, New Guinea, Papua.

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