2.Bernardus Jamo
Diversity and distribution of Dragon- and Damselflies (Odonata) at River Biru (“Borhoniweici”) Kotaraja, Kabupaten Jayapura

A survey was held at River Biru, Kotaraja, Jayapura, from December 2001 to May 2002 and 149 specimens of Odonata were collected, representing 6 families, 14 genera and 21 species. The most abundant species was Rhinochypha tincta (29 %) and the rarest were Agriocnemis sp., Huonia dapne, Tetrathemis sp., Neurothemis luctuosa and Bracydiplax sp.(0.57%).
The complete list of identified species is as follows: 
Anisoptera: Neurothemis stigmatizans, N. luctuosa, Crocothemis erythrae, Tetrathemis sp., Orthetrum sabina, Huonia thais, H. dapne, H. arborophila, Nannophelebia alexia, Bracydiplax sp. (Libellulidae), Paragomphus sp. (Gomphidae).
Zygoptera: Agriocnemis sp., Onychargia specs. (Coenagrionidae), Notoneura sp. (Protoneuridae), Rhinocypha tincta (Chlorocyphidae), Neurobasis australis (Calopterygidae). Some specimens could not be identified to species level by us.

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