2.Euniche (Ika) Ramanday
Start Survey about diversity of beetles at Desa Maribu, Kabupaten Jayapura

In the environment of Jayapura about 38,670 ha Sago (Metroxylon spp.) is present, 24,670 Sago forest and the rest in plantations. Because of the decrease of Sago forest at Maribo, which is the Sago centre in the Sentani area, a survey was held on the Sago beetle at Maribo Tua, at 120 meter above sea level, one of the three villages of Maribo, where the Sago forest is still in a good condition.
As a result of six months surveying, 11 species beetles were found: 4 Curculionidae, 2 Lucanidae, 2 Histeridae, 2 Chrysomelidae and a single Hydrophylidae species. Only two species were identified: Rhyncophorus bilineatus and Dactylosternum dytiscoides.
Full results of this survey were presented by Euniche Ramanday in a final paper to graduate at Cenderawasih University (2005).

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