2. Rob de Vos & Merel M. van Haren
A new Spilosoma species found in the Arfak Mountains, Papua Barat, Indonesia and Immetalia mokndoma transfered to Spilosoma (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini)

Abstract: A new species in the subfamily Arctiinae is described, Spilosoma sinnemorum spec.nov. It is the only known specimen so far of this species and was found in the Arfak Mountains during a recent expedition in 2011 by Mrs Jannie and Mr Siep Sinnema. The genitalia and habitus of the imago are depicted. Immetalia mokndoma De Vos, 2013 (originally Noctuidae, Agaristinae) is transferred from Immetalia Jordan, 1896 to Spilosoma Curtis, 1825 (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini) and appears to be closely allied.
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Rob de Vos & Merel van Haren – Spilosoma sinnemorum-mokndoma (SUGAPA 8 (3) 83-89)

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