SUGAPA 7(3) [2013]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2013, 7 (3) Januari-Maret 2013

1. Ian J. Kitching
A new species of Cypa from New Guinea (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae, Smerinthinae)

Abstract: A new species of the hawkmoth genus Cypa, Cypa moniensis spec. nov., is described based on a single male from Bilogai, in the Central Mountain Range of Papua province,
Indonesia. It is easily distinguished from all other members of the genus by features of the habitus and the male genitalia. A checklist of species in the genus is also provided.
Rangkuman: Suatu spesies baru dari genus hawkmoth Cypa, Cypa moniensis spec. nov. dipertelakan berdasarkan hanya satu jantan saja dari Bilogai, di Pegunungan Tengah, Provinsi
Papua, Indonesia. Spesies ini mudah dibedakan dari semua anggota lain genus ini dengan ciri-ciri habitus dan genetalia jantan. Suatu daftar spesies pada genus ini disajikan pula.
Keywords: hawkmoth, Indonesia, Papua.
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SUGAPA 7(1) [2012]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2012, 7 (1) Juli-September 2012

1. F. Groenen
The Papuan Tortricidae-Fauna (Lepidoptera):A new species of the genus Icelita Bradley, 1957 (Olethreutinae: Eucosmini).

Abstract: One new Olethreutinae species, Icelita papuarana spec. nov. is deseribed from Papua, Indonesia. Some additional descriptions of characters of the related I. tatarana Bradley, 1957 are compared with the new species.
Rangkuman: Satu spesies baru dari Olethreutinae, Icelita papuarana spec. nov. dari Papua, Indonesia dipertelakan. Beberapa deskripsi tambahan dari ciri khas I. tatarana Bradley, 1957 yang relasinya dekat, dibandingkan dengan spesies baru ini.
Keywords: Icelita, species novae, Icelita tatarana, New Guinea, distribution.
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SUGAPA 6(4) [2012]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2012, 6 (4) Juni 2012

1. Rob de Vos
Revised generic position of the Palaeosia and Calamidia related species in New Guinea (Erebidae, Arctiinae, Lithosiini)

Abstract: The generic position of four species which were traditionally placed in either Palaeosia Hampson, 1900 or Calamidia Butler, 1877 is revised. It turned out that Palaeosia and Calamidia are endemic to Australia and that the species in New Guinea belong to three other genera of which two are new: Oeonosia Hampson, 1914, Semicalamidia gen. nov. and Neosyntaxis gen. nov. Calamidia castanea Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. is synonymized with Ilema owgarra Bethune-Baker, 1908, Calamidia reticulata Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. is synonymized with Palaeosia longistriga Bethune-Baker, 1908, Calamidia warringtonella goliathina Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. is synonymized with Ilema warringtonella Bethune-Baker, 1908 s.str. and two new species, Oeonosia cruda spec. nov. and O. abenaho spec. nov., are described. Striosia irrorata (Rothschild, 1912) is compared with the treated species.
Rangkuman: Posisi generik empat spesies yang secara tradisional dimasukkan dalam atau Palaeosia Hampson, 1900 atau Calamia Butler, 1877 direvisi. Revisi ini menghasilkan bahwa Palaeosia dan Calamidia merupakan genus yang endemik di Australia dan bahwa spesiesspesies di New Guinea termasuk dalam tiga genus lain, termasuk dua genus yang baru: Oeonosia Hampson, 1914, Semicalamidia gen. nov. dan Neosyntaxis gen. nov. Calamidia castanea Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. dinyatakan sinonim dengan Ilema owgarra Bethune-Baker, 1908, Calamidia reticulata Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. dinyatakan sinonim dengan Palaeosia longistriga Bethune-Baker, 1908, Calamidia warringtonella goliathina Rothschild, 1912 syn. nov. dinyatakan sinonim dengan Ilema warringtonella Bethune-Baker, 1908 s.str. dan dua spesies baru,Oeonosia cruda spec. nov. dan O. abenaho spec. nov., dipertelakan. Striosia irrorata (Rothschild, 1912) dibandingkan dengan spesies yang tersebut di atas.

Keywords: Lithosiina, Oeonosia, Semicalamidia, Neosyntaxis, Striosia, new species, New Guinea, Papua, Australia.

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SUGAPA 6(2) [2011]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2011, 6 (2) Oktober-Desember 2011

1. Henk van Mastrigt & Chris Davenport
Some notes on Delias bornemanni – nais complex on Papua and Papua New Guinea Mainland (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

Abstract: Members of the Delias bornemanni – nais complex are widely distributed throughout the central mountains of New Guinea from the Kobowre Mts in the west to the Owen Stanley Range in the east. No less than fifteen taxon names have been used to describe the varieties, of which nine are now considered to be synonyms. A historical account of the taxonomy is presented with additional comments that clarifythe systematics and include the description of a new subspecies of D. nais from the Foja Mts.
Jkhtisar: Kupu-kupu Delias termasuk dalam kompleks bornemanni – nais mempunyai distribusi luas di seluruh pegunungan New Guinea, dari Pegunungan Kobowre di bagian barat sampai Stanley Owen Range di bagian timur. Tidak kurang dari lima belas nama takson digunakan untuk mendiskripsikan kupu-kupu itu dengan segala variasinya. Sembilan nama sekarang dianggap telah menjadi sinonim. Seluruh sejarah taksonomis disajikan, dengan komentar tambahan, guna menjelaskan sistematikanya, dan termasuk subspesies baru dari Pegunungan Foja yang dipertelakan di sini.
Keywords: systematics, taxonomy, Delias nais beehleri subsp. nov., Pierinae

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2. Rawati Panjaitan
Komunitas Kupu-Kupu Superfamili Papilionoidea (Lepidoptera) di Kawasan Hutan Wisata Alam Gunung Meja, Manokwari, Papua Barat

Rawati Panjaitan. Butterfly Community of Superfamily Papilionoidea (Lepidoptera) at Gunung Meja Recreational Forest Area, Manokwari, Papua Barat. Supervised by Tri Atmowidi and Djunijanti Peggie.

Abstract:Gunung Meja, a forest area near Manokwari, West Papua province, has been designated as a recreational forest since 1980. Gunung Meja covers 460.25 ha and is located at 75 – 175 m asl. Gunung Meja is directly adjacent to residential areas, 50 that the community activities, such as felling trees and gardening are of ten conducted in the area. These can interfere with the existence of flora and fauna Suara Serangga Papua, 2011,6 (2) Oktober – Desember 2011 62 inside, including butterflies. To assess the impact of intrusive human activities on the forest area, it is necessary to obtain basic information about what flora and fauna are present. This study aims to record the butterfly community in the area. Observations of butterflies were done by scan sampling on primary forest, secondary forest, gardens and settlements. Sampling and measurement of environmental parameters were performed in the morning and afternoon for seven weeks. This study recorded 113 species and 4.049 individuals of butterflies. There were 75 species in primary forest, 77 species in secondary forest, and 63 species in gardens and settlements. The number of species found continued to increase until the last day of the observation. Shannon-Wiener index (H’) calculation showed that diversity in primary and secondary forests were 3.48 and 3.50, respectively, thus classified as high (H’ > 3). Sorensen index calculation (CN) showed high value reaching 0.5 quantitatively.
Keywords: Butterflies, Gunung Meja, Manokwari, species, individual

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SUGAPA 5(4) [2011]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2011, 5(4) April-Juni 2011

1. Rob de Vos
Nicetosoma gen. nov., a new genus for the ”Spilosoma” niceta group of species East of the Weber Line (Lepidoptera: Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini)

Abstract: A new genus name is proposed for the niceta group of nine species which previously was considered to belong to Spilosoma Curtis, 1825. Two new species are described, Nicetosoma meforensis spec. nov. and Nicetosoma sulphurata spec. nov. The following taxonomic changes are proposed: Diacrisia niceta intermedia Rothschild, 1910 syn. nov., Diacrisia niceta mysolica Rothschild, 1915 syn. nov. and Diacrisia niceta pallida syn. nov. are synonymized with Diacrisia niceta papuana Rothschild, 1910, which itself will be raised from subspecies level to species level as Nicetosoma papuana (Rothschild, 1910) stat. nov. and the same is done with Diacrisia niceta saturata Rothschild, 1910 to Nicetosoma saturata (Rothschild, 1910) stat. nov.
Rangkuman: Nama genus yang baru diusul untuk niceta group dengan sembilan spesies, yang sebelumnya dianggap termasuk dalam Spilosoma Curtis, 1825. Dua spesies baru dipertelakan, Nicetosoma meforensis spec. nov. dan Nicetosoma sulphurata spec. nov. Perubahan taksonomis diusulkan sebagai berikut:>Diacrisia niceta intermediata Rothschild, 1910 syn. nov. Diacrisia niceta mysolica Rothschild, 1915 syn. nov. dan Diacrisia niceta pallida Rothschild, 1916 syn. nov. dinyatakan sinonim dengan Diacrisia niceta papuana Rothschild, 1910 yang ditingkatkan dari tingkat subspesies menjadi spesies, yaitu Nicetosoma papuana (Rothschild, 1910) stat. nov. dan yang sama dibuat dengan Diacrisia saturata Rothschild, 1910 menjadi Nicetosoma saturata (Rothschild, 1910) stat. nov

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SUGAPA 5(1) [2010]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2010, 5 (1) Juli-September 2010

1. Henk van Mastrigt
Cyrestis acilia (Godart, 1819) in Papua, Indonesia: its distribution, subspecies and forms (Lepidoptera: Apaturinae, Nymphalidae)

Abstract: The taxonomie history of Cyrestis acilia (Godart, 1819), including all described subspecies is summarised. The distribution and current classification of populations
within the Indonesian province of Papua and nearby islands is presented. Two new subspecies are here described and one subspecies is recognised as separate species.
Ikhtisar: Sejarah taksonomis dari Cyrestis aeilia (Godart, 1819) disajikan dengan semua subspesies yang disebutkan. Distribusi dan klasifikasi aktual dari populasi-populasi di Papua diberikan, termasuk dari pulau-pulau di sekitar tanah besar, dengan semua bentuk dan variasinya. Dua subspesies baru diletakan dan satu subspesies lain diakui sebagai spesies tersendiri.
Keywords: new subspecies, stat. nov., taxonomie history.

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SUGAPA 4(3) [2010]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2010, 4 (3) Maret 2010

1. Rob de Vos
Two new species of Hyalaethea Butler from Indonesian New Guinea (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, Syntominae)

Abstract: Two new remarkable and conspicuous syntomine species have been discovered in the western part of New Guinea. They appear to belong to Hyalaethea Butler, 1887. Bothspecies are described and depicted here. Besides that, a checklist is given of the Syntominae of Indonesian New Guinea as presently known, with pictures of the various species.
Ikhtisar: Dua spesies baru yang menoljol dari subfamili Syntominae ditemukan di bagian barat New Guinea. Ternyata termasuk dalam Hyalaethea Butler, 1887. Kedua spesies diletakandi sini. Di samping itu checklist diberikan dari Syntominae di bagian Indonesia dari New Guinea, sesuai dengan pengetahuan sekarang, yang disertahui dengan gambar-gambarnya.
Key words: obraztsovi, attemae, Lobuliceryx novaeguinensis, Baliem Valley, Paniai.

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SUGAPA 4(2) [2009]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2009, 4 (2) Desember 2009

1. Rob de Vos & Jari Hyvarinen
A new Damias species from Biak Island (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, Lithosiinae)

Abstract: A new species, Damias biakensis spec. nov., is found on the Island of Biak (Papua, Indonesia). The species is described and compared with related pecies from New Guinea. Adults and female genitalia of the treated species are depicted.
Ikhtisar: Suatu spesies baru, Damias biakensis spec. nov., ditemukan di Pulau Biak (Papua, Indonesia). Spesies dideskripsi dan dibandingkan dengan dua spesies dekat dari New Guinea. Gambar dari imago dan dari genetalia betina spesies tersebut disajikan.
Key words: Papua, Indonesia, spec. nov.

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SUGAPA 4(1) [2009]

Suara Serangga Papua, 2009, 4 (1) Juli-September 2009

1. Rob de Vos
The species of the genus Monosyntaxis Swinhoe from New Guinea, with description of a new species and the transfer of another to a new genus (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, Lithosiinae)

Abstract: The species of the genus Monosyntaxis Swinhoe, 1901 occurring in New Guinea are reviewed. Of the nine recognized Monosyntaxis species in Indo-Australia only three are known from New Guinea. One of these is a new species which is recently discovered, Monosyntaxis bimaculata spec. nov. from the Foja Mountains, and is described here. Chrysaeglia samoana Gaede, 1925 syn. nov. is synonymized with Chrysaeglia samoensis Rebel, 1915, which morphologically belongs to em>Monosyntaxis. Oeonistis metalleseens Rothschild, 1912, which was previously supposed to belong to Monosyntaxis turned out to belong to another new genus and is transferred to Papuasyntaxis gen. nov. The adults and the genitalia of all New Guinea species are depicted.
Ikhtisar: Spesies-spesies dari genus Monosyntaxis Swinhoe, 1901 yang ada di New Guinea direvisi. Dari sembilan spesies Monosyntaxis di Indo-Australia hanya tiga diketahui dari New Guinea. Satu di antaranya baru-baru ini ditemukan, Monosyntaxis bimaculata spec. nov.dari Pegunungan Foja, dan diletakkan di sini. Chrysaeglia samoana Gaede, 1925 syn. nov. dinyatakan sinonim dengan Chrysaeglia samoensis Rebel, 1915, yang secara morfologis termasuk Monosyntaxis. Oeonistis metallescens Rothschild, 1912, yang sebelumnya dianggap termasuk dalam Monosyntaxis ternyata termasuk dalam suatu genus yang baru dan dipindahkan ke dalam Papuasyntaxis gen. nov. Gambar-gambar dari imago dan genitalia dari semua New Guinea spesies disajikan.
Keywords: Papuasyntaxis, Chrysaeglia, Oeonistis, gen. nov., spec. nov., Foja Mountains.
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